True tax planning not only helps you be ready to pay your taxes, but will save you money. Our approach to tax planning involves three steps:

  1. Understand your non-tax goals.
  2. Project the tax consequences of the year based on actual and projected figures.
  3. Outline and present how you can achieve your goals in a tax-efficient way. We focus on the actions to take and the tax savings that will result to make it easy on you.

Some common examples that show when tax planning can help:

  • I want to help my children pay for college. How and when should I pay?
  • I am going to donate to a charity. Will I receive a greater tax benefit if I wait until January?
  • My office needs new equipment. Do I buy this year or next year? New or used? Does leasing make more sense?
  • How would moving affect my taxes?
  • I will be selling my business in a few years. Are there things I should do now that will save me taxes in the future?

If you have specific or general questions or would like to do tax planning this year please call our office to set up an appointment.