What is Management consulting?

Management consulting allows your business to be successful through proper use of economic, finance and accounting principles. We help you leverage your vision and expertise by providing analysis, recommendations, projections, and budgets. Think of us as your personal CFO.

CFO Services

We monitor the health of your business and help you identify its key metrics. Using financial statements, we take the time to consult with you monthly, allowing us to give sound advice when critical decisions arise. As these decisions surface, we make sure that your bases are covered. We make it our goal to help you understand the accounting, finance, and economic aspects of each choice.


Budgeting is a tool that can be used to ensure cash flow, monitor expenses, and simplify management oversight. A budget can be eye opening because it highlights future problems from current trajectories. This realization is often a turning point, as it leads to a business proactively adjusting instead of reacting to crisis.

Profitability through Bench-Marking

A quantitative approach helps a business owner understand why he or she may be profitable or unprofitable. We help you identify areas of strength and weakness; then by comparing your results to industry leaders, we help you know where to focus your time.



Product Costing

The way one determines the cost of a product or service can often distort reality. We help you add to your bottom line by making it clear how much a product or service really costs. It is important to us to determine the best cost model, allowing you to make informed decisions.